Generate successfully turnover in export sales

17 years of experience in over 70 countries. Multilingual consulting – German, English, French, Bulgarian and Russian.

Range of trainings and customer seminars: Marketing, sales, intercultural competence

Trust in my competence in the fields of project management, consulting, turnover promoting strategies, international marketing and sales.

Improve the success of your measures by trainings and customer seminars for marketing, sales and intercultural competence. In the course of this it is my responsibility to impart this knowledge successfully to your staff members.

Business experience in international sales and expertise acquired during my career are my core competence. It will be my pleasure to share my treasure trove of experience with you and your staff members.

  • Success in sales in over 70 countries
  • I have a comprehensive intercultural competence
  • Innovative thinking and innovation management characterize me

Seminars for intercultural competence

My seminars for intercultural competence will build sound knowledge for successful international business relationships.

Preparing your staff for export sales

Staff members who are prepared for export sales will sell more successfully and manage order fulfillment trouble-free.

I’m raising the awareness of your team for characteristic features in business dealings with business partners from foreign countries.

Generate successfully turnover in export sales

In order to operate in new markets it is necessary to understand their cultures. Being prepared in the best way possible you can complete negotiations successfully by using your knowledge. This is the reason for my motto: »«SELL SUCCESSFULLY WORLDWIDE»«

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